Tips from Relocation Services Providers

Moving to a New Home? Avoid These Common Mistakes
When people need to move to a new place, the first thing they usually do is to find a company that offers dependable relocation services. Hiring the right mover is absolutely important, but you shouldn’t stop there! To have a stress-free relocation, you should also stay away from mistakes that can jeopardize the moving process and cause you to waste plenty of time and money. We’ve listed some of these blunders below:

Starting the packing process too late

Ideally, you should start packing your things at least eight weeks before your moving day. If you begin any later than that, there’s a chance that you won’t have enough time to complete all of your tasks. As a result, you might leave important items behind or haphazardly pack your appliances and furniture and make them more prone to damage during the move.

Packing everything in sight

There’s nothing wrong with taking this step — as long as you’re absolutely sure that every single thing in your home is necessary or even wanted. If you aren’t, you should go through your things and separate them into two categories: those that you still need and want and those that you’re ready to let go of. Gather the items in the second category and either sell them or donate them to your favorite charity. By taking these steps, you can reduce the number of items that you’ll have to bring to your new home, and you can minimize your packing and moving costs. Of course, you’ll avoid bringing clutter to your new living space, and you can start a new chapter of your life with a clean slate.

Avoid these mistakes to have a successful relocation! If you’d like to get more tips, or if you’re still searching for the ideal mover to hire, make sure to contact JEGA Movers LLC. Our team is based in Columbia, SC, and we provide professional relocation services to our customers. Give us a call now at (803) 888-0917 to receive your free estimate and learn more about the solutions that we offer!

Look for an Ideal Moving Service Provider

Keep in Mind These Factors When Seeking a Trusted Mover
You can’t exactly relocate on your own if you’re not skilled, trained, and equipped for the job. Since some of your items are heavy and large, for sure, this is a very exhausting and time-consuming job. Do not take a DIY route if you don’t want to suffer back pains and sore muscles throughout your body. To move your items quickly and safely, you are advised to rely on a trusted moving service provider near you.

Read on to learn what are the factors to keep in mind when seeking an ideal moving contractor.

Their Reputation

It is important to check the moving contractor’s reputation first before hiring them. Their reputation is the key for you to know if they really can be trusted. One of the effective ways to check their reputation is by asking for references. By doing this, you can reach out to your contractor’s previous clients and find out if they’re satisfied with the service they’ve received.

Their Pricing

For sure, you are looking for a contractor that offers an affordable moving service. Actually, you can find one if you ask for free estimates. If you know how the contractor calculates your bill, you can have a clear idea of the expenses and also, you can prepare your budget. Try to ask for estimates from other companies so that you can find an affordable one.

Their Experience

Also, look for a moving contractor who has many years of experience in the business. The more experienced the contractor is, the more they can provide high-quality service. Also, an experienced one is expected to be equipped with a complete facility. They guarantee to use effective techniques and methods for an efficient and effective move.

When it comes to your moving service needs in Columbia, SC, don’t forget to count on a trusted contractor like JEGA Movers LLC. For more information about our company and services, give us a call at (803) 888-0917 right away.